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By now you've seen how The ViaViente Miracle is an excellent way to improve your health. In addition to this, The ViaViente Miracle offers you several effective ways to earn and save money. The distribution model of ViaViente eliminates the middle-man and pays real people, people like you, for sharing this life-changing product.


Earn An Income with ViaViente

It's as simple as sharing the product with others!

At ViaViente, we want to reward you with a cash Thank You for spreading the word about ViaViente and sharing the Gift of Health.

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Here’s How Our Referral Plan Works:

Enroll as a Business Member and you personally will receive a 25% discount off the Suggested Retail Price of ViaViente. In your first 2 months, you will earn 30% from your personal sales to get you jump started. After your first 2 months, you earn 20% from your personal sales.

You set your hours. You set your goals. You decide how much income you want to make.

There is no limit to the income you can generate simply by referring others.

To begin referring friends and family and building your income, talk with the person who introduced you to ViaViente. They will talk you through the process and share the full commission plan with you.