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When does a health drink become a unique, must-try nutritional beverage?

The rich blend tingles the tongue and bursts flavor like you have never tasted. ViaViente contains the nutritional power of whole foods through a proprietary formula that purées and captures the ingredients — pulp, peel and seeds.


ViaViente is an anti-oxidant-rich, whole-food puree drink. It has the highest ORAC value of anything like it on the market, meaning it has more anti-oxidant value, as measured by independent lab testing. Good anti-oxidants battle free radicals in our bodies and come from things like fruit, especially the fruit's skin. ViaViente has figured out a way to crush everything in a fruit (seeds, skins, meat, everything) and make it into something drinkable and delicious, with no added sugar or preservatives.

You just drink between one and three ounces a day to get the full benefits from this drink, which was developed from a comprehensive list of whole fruits (including noni fruit) and mineral-rich drinking water from Vilcabamba, an area of Ecuador where 1 in 64 people live to be over the age of 100.